It’s a Small World



Meeting the relative……. Humans are full of strange sayings to go with the words they try to make us understand. I’ve heard Tim say ‘It’s a small world’ before now and i don’t know what he means because ,day by day, it seems bigger and bigger to me. Take this big beach at Pendower they take me to. I love it when I get there but I can’t stop being sick in the car so I don’t really enjoy getting in the car even though I know it means it will lead to some excitement later on. Marilyn has to really work hard to entice me in with super treats and lots of reassurance.

Anyway I was on this huge beach yesterday and the sun had come out and there were lots of dogs running around, many of whom were much bigger than me but friendly enough when they could drag themselves away from the balls and things they were chasing. And then I see a dog that looks just like me only bigger and with a nice haircut. His owner brings him over and we do our introductions. I am told he is called ‘Teddy Bear’ – well that just happens to be the name of my daddy poodle. And guess what! This boy is from the same house as me in Tiverton Devon and his dad is my dad! His mum is a grey and white spaniel but the poodle genes are the same. So we work out that he must be a half brother or some such thing. AND he only lives down the road at Philleagh. Tim reckons there is rather a nice pub there called the ‘Roseland Inn’.


We have arranged to meet up again and play on the beach.

So I suppose it’s true. It is a small world for a small dog.


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