Bryce Canyon and Bikers.



We make the short trip back into Bryce from our little cabin accompanied by a song recorded by a good friend. We have ‘Peak rock’ on loop as it seems to sum up this neck of the woods . Thank you Mike Jelly. We are travelling slowly, caught behind one of the monster motor homes that crisscross the country. This one is only a ‘ Minnie Winne’ – a ” small” Winibego that is as big as my house and is towing a 4×4 the size of a truck.
Part of the mountain road has been washed away by recent rains and we have to negotiate a narrow section in single file. If the Minnie can get through I can but both Marilyn and I have our eyes closed for a second or two.

We decide to head to the very end of the Canyon Road and work back, making a series of short treks where possible. All along the Canyon Edge we are offered tantalising views of this unique Canyon until we reach Rainbow Point at 9115 feet. We do a short walk that allows us to get to the very edge of the Canyon. There has been a special kind of erosion going on here and the rock is very red in places and grey to white in others giving strange contrasts in the gigantic hoodoos and crags that are formed. The rock is often very jagged and then shaped into strange forms that look like faces or animals.

At our lunch stop we see a group of bikers we have seen on the road. Some are on traditional Harleys and the like, but two couples are on unusual (to us) motorbikes with two wheels at the front. I strike up a conversation with one of the owners, an affable older guy named Bill. Biker Bill explains that he and others have bought these Canam bikes in order to keep riding into later life, as they cannot topple and hence are safer. According to his many badges, Biker Bill is a Vietnam Veteran and is President of the New Mexico chapter – though of what, it does not specify.  He, his wife and their friends are touring together. The eldest member of the group is 80 and on his first motorbike!



We are reminded by signs that our safety is our responsibility. Not only should we not get too close to the edge but we should be aware of the possibility of wild animals.


We take a short walk around Rainbow Point that allows us to see how the Canyon has been cut to a rounded end by the river over a mile below.
Our return allows us to stop at Ponderosa Point, Agna Canyon, Natural Bridge and Sunrise Point. Each spot seems to trump the last as yet again we are lost for words.
Another special day, rounded off with some BBQ steak, local baked beans and a salad prepared under a dazzling Milky Way.


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