Delays and Upgrades…

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Marilyn is a self confessed travel jinx. The last few train journeys she has done have been mega delayed by people on the track or signal failures.


…..The Night Riviera is delayed nine minutes. It is well worth the small delay, however, as we settle in the bar for a late night drink before snuggling in our duvets in our little cabin to be gently rocked to sleep on the slow ride to Paddington.

We are woken by the helpful attendant at six o’clock with a bacon baguette and a cup of tea to be devoured in bed. We make the Gatwick Express in good time to check in our West Jet flight only to be told that there is a delay.

” Please take this £20 voucher and get yourself some food and come back in an hour or so and we will see what we can do….You may be at risk of not making your connecting flight.”

Indeed there is a problem and we are advised to take a different flight that would ensure a safe connection but arrive a few hours later in Vegas. I am horrified! What about our booked accommodation? The private bnb won’t be too pleased if we arrive after midnight.

“No problem. If that can’t be sorted you must book a hotel in Vegas and charge it to the airline.”

“Upgrade?”  I venture a little cheekily.

” Oh yes. First Class. Unlimited drink and food and use the first class lounge until  your flight. And go through fast security as well.”

I look at Marilyn. I pretend to be a little miffed that there aren’t a few more perks. She shrugs her shoulders and ‘reluctantly’ agrees we have to take this option. We take our upgraded tickets and skip through quick security to the lounge where we are waiting in comfort, surrounded by free food and and booze and with a carrier bag full of M&S best that has to be eaten before American customs.

What shocks me a little, as someone who has never travelled by plane this way is how nonchalant everyone appears to be. It’s as if they do this all the time.

I look at Marilyn as she does her puzzle in the paper and she could be a frequent flyer she looks so relaxed.

There IS a silver lining under most clouds I find.

Route 66 – here we come!


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