Day 20 – Backtrack to Oviedo and on to Gigon ( by bus )

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The Camino Norte

Gigon Gigon

Calling it a day on the Primitivo –

We have underestimated my walking partner’s predicament.

His stoicism has hidden his real problem and , after a terrible night which sees him unable to sleep and in some discomfort, it’s clear he should see a doctor. At this point I’m not sure he agrees with me about that but we are both clear that we cannot continue into the hills with this level of insecurity about our ability to cope without the proximity of a doctor if needed. We discuss the options and decide to return to Gigon on the Norte where we will be in a position to make a decision about doctors and whether we can both continue. It is clear that a long walk like this and the daily insecurity about where to eat and sleep is not to be done without being in confident health.



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