Days 18/19 – Oviedo and onwards on the Camino Primitivo

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The Camino Norte

Woody is in town Woody is in town

From the City of Art into the unknown and a ‘Fanta’ moment – I expect my walking partner to turn up just after mid-day and so I have a morning to explore this delightful city. I decide to follow the shells out of town to start with so that I will know the way tomorrow. The route takes me up past the railway and out of town through quiet suburbs. I see a hairdresser and decide on a ‘number 1’ and a shave, enjoying the ensuing conversation in half English half Spanish. My hairdresser’s English is probably a bit better than my Spanish but that is not saying much. Let’s just say she and I spent a funny half hour speaking ‘Spanglish’. I kind of understood most of what we covered!

Oviedo Cathedral Oviedo Cathedral

On the way back to the centre I am impressed by the beautiful…

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