Day 16 – Oct.1st 2012 Poo to RIBADASELLA 28kms

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The Camino Norte

It's a pretty path out of Poo It’s a pretty path out of Poo


lovely walking lovely walking


A ( brief ) parting of the ways – I should have known when I realised I had left my ipod under my pillow that today would be a disaster. I decide to return to the casa rural to retrieve the ipod and  Mike walks on alone. We would catch up at a breakfast spot along the way. Or so I think. Mike finds breakfast and a small shop to stock up on provisions for lunch just a couple of kms down the road. But in my hurry to catch him up I miss him. This was to be the only chance of a breakfast until after midday.


I end up walking alone all morning. A lovely walk ’tis true but without any sustenance I feel the miles.


I meet a lovely French woman in her seventies and we fall into conversation. She…

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