On The Road Again…….


The beach from Johanna campsite...

It is drizzling as we leave the comfort of Dav and Barb’s home but we decline their offer that we could stay another night. There is something about having made the decision to leave, we should keep to the plan. So we head off for Joanna Beach campsite mentally adjusting to a night under canvas in possible rain.


But Joanna is full when we arrive. I guess you must arrive early at these free sites if you want a decent pitch. There are so many camper van varieties that can pitch up that a site can quickly fill up. We head off along the Great Ocean Road into new territory and eventually end up at Princetown where a friendly local directs us to the near empty campsite. From his house on the hill above the site we can see at least fifty kangaroos milling around as dusk falls. Many of them are in the sports oval that sits in the middle of the site itself.

We find a cosy pitch, made even more cosy by the presence of new super thick sleeping mats and soon have a brew and picnic on the go. We are soon surrounded by a mob of kangaroos that seem quite oblivious to us as they chomp away. Marilyn expresses her delight muted by a slight worry about having to exit the tent at night to do what one has to do and being confronted by a daddy roo. I try to put her mind at rest by telling her that they will all go to sleep soon but I know she is not convinced when just as I am settling into my sleeping bag with some Weather Report on my ipod as a lullaby she shakes me by the shoulder and asks what is making the scratching and chewing noises outside the tent by her head. I confess I do not know but that it is small and is not a lion or a bear and that we are quite safe. Nevertheless at three in the morning I decide I have to get up and sit in the car with a torch to find out what it is……..nothing shows……I return to my sleeping bag and the chewing and scratching continues. They are a complete wind-up these Australian critters. And Marilyn is, by now, snoring.


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