Sixty and still rockin’

I was honoured and so happy to be able to recently celebrate the landmark of my sixtieth birthday –  ‘the new forty’ – with a bunch of good friends and family who had made the long journey to Cornwall for a weekend of food, drink and rock and roll.

Sixty and still Rockin'

Since taking early retirement and moving to Cornwall for some peace and quiet after a lifetime of teaching in an inner-city Comprehensive my life has taken a fresh, liberating and often very busy course.

I have been fortunate to find a good friend as a neighbour who is teaching me to sail and use power boats so that Marilyn ( my wife) and I can explore the miles of creeks and coast of this beautiful county. I now have a share in three little boats that are moored on the pretty Pecuil River near St. Mawes.

I have found a golf course at Porthpean that must have the most picturesque final nine holes to be found anywhere in the world. It is probably the marvel at this view that prevents me from improving as a golfer. It is often very hard to concentrate on that important iron shot approach.

We have had so many visitors during the four years of living here and it has been a bonus to be able to spend real quality time with family and friends. We calculated that in our first year here we had visitors for 172 days of the year! That is an awful lot of red wine and Tribute to be consumed. It is no wonder my weight ballooned by nearly two stone. I have developed a pretty mean touring itinerary that a good friend who was visiting from Nova Scotia named as ” Timmie’s tremendous tours”. There is the ‘Creeks tour’, the ‘Moor tour’, ‘North Coast and dunes and cliff’, ‘ The wild West’ , ‘The Roseland‘, ‘ The best crab sandwich and Cornish ale tour’, and ‘The boat tour – Creek and Sea’ to name but a few. And as I get to explore more of the county ,the list will expand. We have discovered the joys of the Coastal Path and I have an ambition to have walked it all in sections before too long. Marilyn and I regularly discover different little nooks and crannies to walk or a little deserted beach on which to share a picnic.

I am now trying to use these walks as a way of losing some of that excess weight gained since retirement. The walks are helping as is  a weekly workout at ‘chub club’ – a circuit training adventure for the ‘kilo challenged gentlemen of the Parish’. I have lost just over one of the stone I put on and have to bite the bullet and tackle the next one. It was some motivation when I came home one day to a shopping bag on the breakfast bar. It had a large label with ‘Lift Me’ written on it. Marilyn had filled it with a stone weight of assorted tinned foods and it was actually somewhat heavy. She reminded me that I used to carry that around permanently and I did feel liberated from the load.

As well as all this I have been lucky enough to rediscover ‘rock and roll’. Many years ago I dabbled in the life of the rock musician and , as a one hit wonder, have played bass in various combos for most of my working life. Moving down here I thought that it would be the end of all that. After all I was too busy hosting friends, learning to use boats and improving my golf and the quality of ‘Timmie’s Tours’. And so it was with some delight when I got a phone call from an old mucker with whom I used to play in the old days. He had moved to Polperro and was looking to form a band with some local friends for a few gigs including the Polperro festival – would I be interested?

The rest is history as they say. We have been playing a year and this weekend we play our two final gigs of the year in Newquay and Polperro. The boys kindly played at my sixty bash and helped make it a night I will never forget. With an average age of over 60 and more stents between us than you could shake a scalpel at we also have a multi-drug habit to contend with. Unlike the drugs we might have taken in our formative years these are designed to control various ailments so that we are able to carry on rocking in the free world. Anyone interested can catch a few live numbers on You Tube. The band is ‘Southern Jelly’ and the gig was the Looe music festival. People seem to like us and re-book us and the boys CAN play. It is a mixture of blues and rock with a distinct country feel. The diary is already filling for next year so I can look forward to rocking well into my sixtieth year.

I shall however be hanging up the bass for ten weeks at the end of this month as Marilyn and I take off for a trip around the world. And this will be the reason for starting this blog. I hope that my family and any friends who are interested will duck in and out to follow our progress.

Sixty is definitely the ‘new forty’. Exciting times.


18 thoughts on “Sixty and still rockin’

  1. Great stuff Tim – and welcome to Blogland! Look forward to reading about your escapades. By the way, I have a half written blog article on my impending sixtieth and how / where I intend to spend it. When it appears, don’t think it’s in direct competition with, or a copy of, yours!


  2. Woooop! As I said in your birthday card, I think this year will be your best yet… 😉 so proud of you and Mum x x x x x x x x x

  3. Great start to your blog Tim.
    You haven’t lost your skills as a wordsmith, and we really look forward to virtually travelling with you over the next few months.

    Your sis xx

  4. fu….. hell! while typing this I realise that I loose my virginity….never been bloggin (nor loggin…)!
    the dutchies will follow you two, and – by the way – 60 is nothing.
    your friend from loóóóóng time ago, when we were young and dumb instead of bold and wise.
    jan (62)

    website only, because you knever know ;-), hahaha

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